PCBF would like to welcome any member interested to participate as a PCBF judge. 

Judge training programs is now available.  This is your roadmap to become an International IFBB Judge.  Please contact Oscar Gan at

Probationary Judges

Please contact Rowena Walters if you are interested in training to be a PCBF judge and an IFBB Judge

Rowena Walters (Chairperson)

Samuel Solon (Chief)

Eric Suazo

Abi Jimenez

Emay Guiap

Ric Soriano

Wils Larita

Jeddy Cris Giner

Chirstopher Libunao

Pablo Navarro

Jonathan Casimiro

National Level Judges

Rowena Walters (Chairperson)

Wils Larita

Emay Guiap

Abi Jimenez

Regional and Local

Level Judge

Judges Training Program

Local level judges are deputized by the regional chairperson with he approval of the Judges Committee Chairperson or the President.

Judges Committee Members