The Bikini Olympia is now going into its six year as a featured event in Vegas.  Unlike some of the other Olympia weekend events, the bikini division has proven year after year that the title is not guaranteed to the previous years’ winner.  These women prepare and train extremely hard to make it to this point and compete at this level like every athlete in their respective divisions.  This year we have over 25 women already qualified for the Olympia weekend! 

5. This spot should be a close call between the last two years 3rd place finisher Stacey Alexander and Stephanie Mahoe who has had a solid competitive year.  Stacey Alexander should be able to pull this one off in her 3rd year as an Olympia veteran.

4. Justine Munro.  She had a breakout performance at the Arnold Classic with a solid runner up placing.  Without a doubt she will have the tightest abs and most athletic looking legs of all the girls onstage.

3. Janet Layug.  Not only did she win the Arnold Australia but she did it by beating out two time Bikini Olympia and Arnold Classic champ Ashley Kaltwasser.  A win there and a solid 3rd at this year's Arnold Classic makes her a front runner for the top spot. 

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2. Ashley Kaltwasser.  Like I said before, no title is safe.  She is a tremendous champion and the current image for women's bikini.  No question she will be the one to beat and a very tough task that will be for the eventual champion.

1. India Paulino.  She has been the hottest woman on tour this year. She has won 3 shows this year and placed a questionable 4th at this year's Arnold Classic.  This lady has done more to market and bring credibility to the bikini division than anyone else.  Her personality and stage presence are in a class of their own.  I believe this will finally be the year where she gets the title of Bikini Olympia Champion. 

2014 Ms Bikini Olympia

By Carlos Rodriguez

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2015 Bikini Olympia Predictions

By Carlos Rodriguez

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  Olympia time!  There are still a few men fighting for the last qualifying spots by the time this is written.  This is my top ten and for these reasons.  Every year there's always that one or two that make that jump from one tier to the next and the others who lose ground.  It might seem anti climatic, but we have a strong list of tier one guys that will be around for at least a few more years. Which leads us to the ones jumping up a slot and possibly a shift among the top names in the top tier.

   Lets begin with 10-6th place.  For some this is a monumental achievement.  For others it is a let down from years past.  Nevertheless, with the number and quality of guys competing this year, this will be a hard crack itself.  The first names that pop out to me here are Branch Warren, Victor Martinez, Juan Morel, Roelly Winklaar, Mamdouh Elssbiay, (Big Ramy).  One of these guys might surprise us and hit the top 5 but considering the placings this year at the major shows its more likely that these guys are fighting for that 6th spot. We have:

10th Victor Martinez:  Still has some left in the tank but some of the younger guys have been making strides past him.  I still believe he has enough to pull a top 10.

9th  Juan Morel : considering his NY pro win, it puts him in line for strong consideration for the top 10 and he has the goods to earn it.  The fact that he already beat out Victor earlier in the year gives him the momentum to do it again.

8th  Roelly Winklaar:  The size to beat out any of these guys but again, conditioning.  Could very easily push Branch and Ramy back if he does bring it.

7th  Big Ramy: Won in Brazil but not against any of the current top guys.  Wasn't as conditioned as Cedric but still got the win.  If he comes in top shape he is one that could make the squeeze to the top 5.  But, those are always the "ifs".

6th  Branch Warren: looked like he was on the way out but strong seconds at the Arnold and Arnold Australia to Dexter shows he still has life.

5th  Dexter Jackson : This guy doesn't age!  Wins at the Arnold and Arnold Australia keeps him at the top of the contenders list.
4th  Dennis Wolf:  I like him as high as second.  He'll be the widest and most awe inspiring on stage but we never know how dialed in he'll be compared to the other top guys.
3rd  Phil Heath:  Yes! I said it.  Third.  All due respect to the champ but he is not as dominating as Haney or Coleman were.  Even at his best he is still beatable.
2nd  Kai Greene:  He'll edge out Phil but unfortunately for him it still won't get him the Sandow.

1st   Shawn Rhoden:  The only one of the top guys who has shown marked improvements over the last 4 years.  While the rest are trying to match their best from previous years he's the only one who makes that jump to a better look year in and out.  Last year he was right there and there is only one place he can go and that's up.