executive COMMiTTEE officers

Rock is a bodybuilding aficionado whose interest in the sport started at the young age of 12 when he witnessed the 1980 Mr. Universe contest held for the first time in Manila.

Since then he became fascinated with the sport and has ventured into opening up his own gym, organizing and hosting bodybuilding competitions and is a motivational speaker at various fitness seminars. As if he needed more, he recently added writing and magazine publishing to the many hats he already wears.

A former soccer and track & field varsity player and member of the Philippine Dragonboat team, he truly believes that bodybuilding is a sport in which Filipinos can not only compete but actually excel in. It is from this firm belief that he draws his passion for the sport

As the Executive Vice President, Rock Dauden will be the Acting President for all National matters in the absence of the President. 

Oscar has been in the bodybuilding industry for 18yrs.  He worked as a personal trainer before going into the healthcare field.  He is a photographer for popular fitness magazines and an IFBB loyalist.  Oscar is well connected in the bodybuilding and fitness industry.  In 2012, he wanted to help rebuild the bodybuilding sport in the Philippines so that Filipinos can be proud to represent their beloved country.  IFBB President, Dr Santonja and General Secretary, William Tierney, supports his vision to build a new Federation that would abide by the constitution and rules of the IFBB.

As the President of the PCBF, Oscar will execute the PCBF mission which is to promote Bodybuilding sport emphasizing loyalty, discipline and integrity in administering the Federation under the constitution and rules of the IFBB.  Keeping the athlete in mind, he will guide the PCBF to develop athletes to the best of their potential and lead them towards the IFBB pathway of growth in mind, body and character.  To create a fair environment for each PCBF athlete to have equal chances of qualifications in their bodybuilding and fitness journey whether it is for their own fitness goals, international goals or to become an IFBB Pro.

Rowena Walters

Executive Director

Rock Dauden

Executive Vice President


General Secretary

Wilfredo Larita is a fitness enthusiast who has accomplished his own body transformation into a success story.  His accomplishment has turned into passion for the sport and lifestyle of bodybuilding.

Wilfredo believes that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to.  He aims to be an inspiration to others by motivation and education. He enjoys coaching and conducting seminars and workshops.

Wilfredo is a  Designer/Contractor by profession. He over 15 years of experience in a variety of residential and commercial building construction, project management, and marketing  tucked under his belt. He currently sits  as one of the primary stakeholders of wilman, Inc.

Samuel Solon

Vice President

Rowena started competing in 1996, and continues to represent the Philippines in IFBB International events.  She is the current champion of the Shawn Rhoden Classic which makes her the top Women’s Physique athlete in the Philippines. Her passion in the sport is to inspire and motivate women and show them that being fit is ageless.  She enjoys traveling around the country for PCBF events as the PCBF Chief Judge and is the owner of Protan Philippines.

As the Executive Director, Rowena is directly involved with the technical program and functions of the federation and its events.  She works closely with the President to administer and promote the sport under the IFBB.  As the Judging Committee Chairperson, Rowena is responsible to maintain PCBF judging integrity based on the criteria of the IFBB.  She is in charge of training new judges and keeping the PCBF judges updated with current criteria.

Rowena has the honor of being the only current recognized IFBB International Judge from the Philippines.

Samuel was a competitive bodybuilding champion.  He currently works as a personal trainer out of his own gym in Bacolod.  Samuel is a well respected leader in the fitness industry.  He enjoys giving workshops and motivating people to pursue the fitness lifestyle.  Samuel serves as the Regional Chairman for the Visayas and Mindanao.

As the Vice President, Samuel is directly involved with the PCBF regional and local administration officers.  He will also provide communication and guidance to all PCBF local and regional organizers on how to follow the PCBF/IFBB pathway.

PCBF Officers


Oscar Gan


about IFBB & pcbf

The IFBB was founded in 1946 by Joe and Ben Weider.  Over the next 69 years, the IFBB would grow to include National Federations from 191 countries. The current IFBB President is Dr. Rafael Santonja, from Spain.  It is a not-for-profit international amateur sport governing body for Bodybuilding and Fitness.  IFBB is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Council of Asia and participates in the Asian Beach Game

In 2013, the IFBB supported PCBF President, Oscar Gan, to form a new Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation that would abide by the constitution and rules of the IFBB.  

The objective of the PCBF is to promote and administer bodybuilding and physique sports in the Philippines under the guidance of the IFBB.  PCBF is seeking recognition by the PSC to be the NSA for the sport of Bodybuilding.  PCBF athletes will have the best opportunity for growth in mind, body and character.  PCBF will sanction and organize events from local level to regional level to National level and provide opportunities to compete at the International level.  This will give athletes a clear pathway for growth and not be stagnant in their journey.  PCBF membership is the only pathway for Filipino bodybuilding and physique athletes to earn an IFBB Pro Card.